Animal Hats Crafts

As part of my Campaigner job at Liberation Foods CIC (the UK’s only farmer owned, Fairtrade nut company) I ran fair trade craft workshops for children. I upcycled the cardboard packaging which Liberation nut packs are delivered in, to create animal hats.

The elephant design was inspired by a solar powered ‘elephant friendly’ fence which the Keralan nut farmers use as a deterrent. Another interesting animal link for Liberation is the Agouti/ Jochi, a small mammal with an important role in the lifecycle of the Brazil nut tree. Liberation Brazil nuts are gathered from the Bolivian Amazon.

Here is a list of places I have had the pleasure to visit:

Ditton Fair and Local market 28th March 2015

Canterbury World Environment Day 25th April 2015

Pantiles Fine Foods Festival 16th and 17th May 2015

Newham Woodcraft Folk camp 23rd May 2015

Brighton Woodcraft Folk 2nd June 2015

Save Chaucher Fields picnic 6th June 2015

New Cross Beavers 15th June 2015

Trading Visions school conferences 22nd June, 1st July, 3rd July 2015

Chequerboard Live hosted by Angel Community Garden

Edenbridge Fairtrade Town anniversary street party 11th July 2015

Canterbury Home Education Group 17th July 2015

Canterbury library with people who were homeless as part of an exhibition

Preston Fairtrade school conference

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