Viva Vegetarian and Vegan Mother and Baby Guide



While exclusive breast feeding is recommended by medical professionals for the first six months, we would like feel prepared with a back up plan.  After some time I found Premiriz- a rice based formula which is vegan, organic and palm oil free. This can be ordered from Europe.  Soy based, almost vegan formula is available in the UK.  Dairy milk formulas are widely available.

Fully plant based formulas from Boutique Vegan (de)

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Viva information on soy based formula


From 7 months only.

Good Hemp Milk from Good Hemp

Good Hemp 330ml unsweetened from TheVeganKind

Good Hemp Original (1ltr) from TheVeganKind

Good Hemp Unsweetened (1ltr) from TheVeganKind


Hemp Milk from GreenBay (UK)

Hemp Milk from Boutique Vegan (de)

Ecomil organic hemp drink from Vekoop (de)– vegan, green energy and web hosting, CO2 neutral postage

Breast feeding information

Start 4 Life

NHS ‘Your Newborn’ breastfeeding information pages

Baby feeding cues

UNICEF baby friendly

Vegan Society pregnancy and breastfeeding

Breast Feeding Network


Breast feeding accessories

used on ebay

Nursing pillow

Snuggle Up shop

Nursing bra


Nursing cover

Nursing pads

Nipple cream

Natural Nursing Balm from Boutique Vegan (de)

Nipple guard (not recommended by NHS, but was recommended to be by a mother)

Nursing Tea

Nursing Team from Boutique Vegan (de)

Nursing clothes

Tiffany Rose– maternity and nursing wear made in the UK, but fabric origin undisclosed.


Breast feeding support groups


UNICEF other groups



NHS guide

Beast Feeding Network guide

Looking after your breast feeding equipment


Expressing pump

used electric on ebay

used manual on ebay

Expressing pump bra

Express store bag

Hello Baby Breast Pumps and Storage




NHS guide to bottle feeding



Bottle rack


Cleaning sponge

Bottle Wash

Attitude (Baby) Sensitive Skin Care. Natural Baby Bottle & Dishwashing Foam (295ml) from TheVeganKind

Nimble Babies Milk Buster Baby Bottle Wash 200ml from Nature’s Health Box

Nimble Babies Milk Buster Baby Bottle Wash 200ml – Pack of 3 from Nature’s Health Box


General accessories

Muslins to burp