Stock up cupboards before birth

I’m planning to keep extra supplies in the house, as we are likely to be too tired to go shopping or cook.

Ready meals and kitchen supplies

Mock ready meals

TheVeganKind (UK) ready meals and soups

Greenbay (UK) ready mealstins and cans, powdered milk

Boutique Vegan (de) ready meals, powdered milk

Vekoop (de) powdered milk


Veg1 Vitamins from GreenBay (UK), Boutique Vegan (de) and Vekoop (de)

Star Bargains vegan page discounted products near sell by date

Toilet paper

Who Gives a Crap toilet paper

Toilet roll from TheVeganKind, GreenBay, and Nature’s Healthbox

Other online retailers

Greedy Lama


JTS rice

No Plastic Shop


Waste Not Shop

Zero Waste Club