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Start 4 Life pregnancy guide

The Vegan Society pregnancy and breastfeeding

Viva Vegetarian and Vegan Mother and Baby Guide


Some things to look for near you: Active Birth, Antenatal classes, Baby Sign Language, Belly Dance, Breastfeeding, Hypno-birthing, National Childbirth Trust, Nonviolent Communication, Positive Birth, Yoga,


I found it difficult to get maternity clothes from charity shops.  However, I did manage to find clothes which were stretchy or had pleats.  Maternity and baby clothes swaps may be organised by your local council, children’s centre or other organisation.  You an also try DePop, Ebay, Freecycle (emails may go to your spam folder), friends and family, GumTree, Mummybay, Nextdoor, Oxfam Online, or Preloved.


Tiffany Rose– maternity and nursing wear made in the UK, but fabric origin undisclosed.

Maternity clothes on ebay and bra extender strap

Maternity clothes and underwear on Hema, which has a sustainability policy


Pillows from Daisy Baby and Snuggle Upebay

Used support belt from ebay

Used balls from ebay

Used tens machines from ebay


I informed my NHS doctor and family planning services before and after I became pregnant.  I registered/ self referred myself to a hospital near my new house.  You can find NHS maternity services here.  We also took a ten weeks private test.


Local areas often have Facebook general or vegan groups for parents/ families/ mothers.  There are also phone apps for meeting other carers.


NHS nausea information

I used: a gas mask, sea sickness wrist bands, homeopathy from Helios, ginger, bland frequent food, sniffing a lemon, and lots of rest.

Ginger Chews and Ginger Tea from Boutique Vegan (de) (have green web hosting, CO2 neutral postage and recycled packaging)

Dust masks from Hema

Oils-  stomach, breasts, perineal

So far I’ve been using almond oil from the local whole food shop.

Natural Stretch Oil from Boutique Vegan (de)

Pregnancy Care Oil from Boutique Vegan (de)

Organic carrier oils from Mystic Moments

Fairtrade basic massage oil from Fair2Me (de)

Fairtrade skincare oil from Fair2Me (de)

Subscription Boxes/ hampers

Dear Bump vegan option subscription box and one off

Vegan “Mummy & Me” – Pregnancy/New Mum Gift Box from TheVeganKind


National unplanned pregnancy advice service


Marie Stopes


If seeing a complementary therapist, apparently it is a good idea to check they are registered with the regulatory body for their industry, and have pregnancy training.


I’ve been taking a pregnancy vitamin complex, iron mixture, some super greens and probiotics.

Pregnancy supplements from TheVeganKind and Nature’s Healthbox

Iron supplements from Boutique Vegan (de), and Nature’s Healthbox

Folic acid supplements from Boutique Vegan (de)

Herbal mixture from Vekoop (de) (have green web hosting and energy, CO2 neutral postage)

Healthy Start Vouchers